If labels have to be attached, mine would be social scientist with an emphasis on social psychology, social theory, and qualitative research. For some time, my research has dealt with all shapes of memory. Over the last years, the focus has shifted to the study of collective violence. As the editor in chief of genocide studies and prevention, I have the pleasure and honour to be part of a well-oiled machinery consisting of a rather nice group of colleagues.

My work, be it teaching, researching, or editing is interdisciplinary by its very nature. My employer, the Institute for International Law of Peace and Conflict consists of legal scholars and a mix of social scientists. Further, I have strong ties with the faculty of social science, especially the chair of social psychology and social anthropology. And finally, being a permanent fellow at the Kilian Köhler Centre for Social and Cultural Psychology and Historical Anthropology demonstrates my broad interest in approaches that help to understand collective violence.