Content: 5 courses, 5 places & 5 things I have also done

If labels have to be attached, mine would be social scientist with an emphasis on social psychology, social theory, and qualitative research. For some time, my research has dealt with all shapes of memory. Over the last years, the focus has shifted to the study of collective violence. As the editor in chief of genocide studies and prevention, I have the pleasure and honour to be part of a well-oiled machinery consisting of a rather nice group of colleagues.

My work, be it teaching, researching, or editing is interdisciplinary by its very nature. My employer, the Institute for International Law of Peace and Conflict consists of legal scholars and a mix of social scientists. Further, I have strong ties with the faculty of social science, especially the chair of social psychology and social anthropology. And finally, being a permanent fellow at the Kilian Köhler Centre for Social and Cultural Psychology and Historical Anthropology demonstrates my broad interest in approaches that help to understand collective violence.

5 courses

This is a selection of the courses I have taught in the last two years (or am teaching at the moment)

1 – Widerspruch & Konflikt im Kulturvergleich [Contradiction & Conflict in Different Cultural Settings]
Faculty for Social Science, Ruhr-University Bochum
Master Kultur und Person

2 – Anthropology and Intercultural Aspects of Humanitarian Action
IFHV, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
NOHA Master International Humanitarian Action

3 – Psychology of Violence
Hugo Valentin Centrum, Department of History, Uppsala University
Master Holocaust & Genocide Studies

4 – Slaveries – Historical, Sociological, and Psychological Approaches
Faculty for Social Science, Ruhr-University Bochum
Master Kultur und Person

5 – Pioniere – Wie Neues in die Welt kommt [Pioneers – How Innovations Are Made]
Faculty for Social Science, Ruhr-University Bochum
Master Kultur und Person

5 places

1 – Buenos Aires, Centro de Estudios sobre Genocido, Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero 
As a guest of one of the most innovative brains in the field of genocide studies Daniel Feierstein. Generously funded by the Goethe Institute

2 – Jerusalem, Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace, Hebrew University
Finally, a place where my style of discussion offended nobody. My host was Chen Bram who knows not only the City but also most of its inhabitants. Generously funded by the Humboldt Foundation

3 – Paris, Sciences Po
Being a guest of the very cool and highly knowledgeable Marie-Claire Lavabre

4 – Uppsala, Hugo Valentin Centrum, Uppsala University 
Thanks to Tomislav Dulic and Roland Kostic and a group of very clever students, I learned quite a bit about teaching

5 – Essen, Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities (Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut) 
Working with Harald Welzer and many more brilliant colleagues was, in hindsight, the best school of all

5 things I have also done

  1. Harvesting Tomatoes in insanely hot greenhouses down in the south of France
  2. Helping workers to get their rights and good wages
  3. Bending sheet metal for Volkswagen vans
  4. Renovating fire damage (sort of)
  5. Presenting scholarship in Cinemas (Cine-Science)