Methods & Methodology

The core of academic teaching and research is innovation. Challenging settled knowledge, looking out for new ways to understand and to share knowledge. Therefore, the development of research strategies, methods, teaching styles, knowledge presentation, and again working beyond disciplinary lines is at the very core of my work. Logically, this is only possible in exchange with colleagues and students.

Examples of such work are the adaption of coding techniques for the analysis of historical material, working with computer scientist on combing through twitter feeds, and the collaborative research design for the Practices of Violence (see below).

And regarding teaching I let students speak:

“From beginning the student is forced to deal with the content in an actively, to make own concepts about the subjects and develop ideas of access on his own. Gudehus provides the place for that but supports that process versed with advices or theoretical background if needed.” (NK)

“(…) he lets the students develop their own ideas freely and does not weight them down with what he thinks is right. But again, he puts the ideas to the acid test, which makes progress inevitable. However, if he recognizes that a group or individual are stuck at some point and even the discussion in the seminar does not help, he provides the right amount of structure and also offers private consultation shortly after.” (SI)